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Minimalistic aesthetic meets this contemporary collection by Tubadzin for those looking to express their creativity and style without excessive patterns or colours. Neutral and natural play equal parts in this modern set of porcelain stoneware. The warmth and subtle grain of these tiles achieve a slick yet cosy ambience.

The large format of these tiles alongside their rectification ensures that they will seamlessly cover the space, from floor to wall, and provide a stunning and uninterrupted atmosphere that will encompass you. Available in two colours, grey and graphite, both are stippled with a soft pattern that will add some visual texture which will complement the steel wall strips that are also featured in this collection.

From £26.26 Per m2 Inc. Vat
From £52.50 Per m2 Inc. Vat


aULLA grey

Application Floor, Wall
Thickness 6 & 10mm
Rectification Yes
Surface Natural Matt
Application Interiors & Exteriors

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