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These exquisite dry pressed porcelain stoneware slabs by AVA Ceramica have an intricate meandering pattern, that of basalt and calcite, ideal for a sophisticated indoor atmosphere or an inspiring exterior. A true statement of natural design being utilised to evoke a sense of serenity and contemporary composition.

 With three shades, the Copacabana collection offers a variety of options. Copacabana Princess is a sand toned porcelain slab, its creamy contrasts are ideal for brightening up living areas and for creating a classic climate.

Copacabana Duke is a highly impactful piece of design, it is a statement making stoneware which has a white and brown highlight on the hazelnut and grey background.

Copacabana Emperor is the most striking shade of the collection, enhanced by the contrasts and winding pools of dark grey, it balances nature and articulate design flawlessly.

From £112.50 Per m2 Inc. Vat
From £90.83 Per m2 Inc. Vat
From £112.50 Per m2 Inc. Vat
From £90.83 Per m2 Inc. Vat
From £112.50 Per m2 Inc. Vat
From £90.83 Per m2 Inc. Vat

Copacabana Princess

Copacabana Emperor

Copacabana Duke

Application Floor, Wall
Thickness 6 & 10 mm
Rectification Yes
Surface Polished & Natural Matt
Application Interiors & Exteriors

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