One of the most outstanding collections by La Fabrica, Marmi is bold, abundant and has a wealth of meticulous patterns that will steal the spotlight of any space it is in. The elegant veining and timeless graphics of these large format porcelain tiles derive from the most prestigious quarried marble there is, and assuredly this collection will breathe life into your interiors whilst providing the most exquisite backdrop to your living spaces. With the rectified and lappato finish, this collection focuses on the magnificent patterns and minimises the use of grout. Offering a semi-polished surface that makes it ideal for kitchens, living areas as well as bathrooms it will ensure that the design seamlessly covers the area. The six exceptional designs in this collection vary in colour and marble arrangement yet all provide a sense of endurance.

Covelano is a striking black and white marble inspired stoneware, with equally thick meandering veins in both colours.

Sahara Noir is a rich black smooth tile with white copper and gold strokes that fragment the composition, making it a bold yet spontaneous set.

Bronze Amani is mostly grey with light marbling and thin veins, the pattern is subtle and seamless.

Taj Mahal is the opulent warm gold and cream marble inspired stoneware that has soft veins and highlights.

Arabesque Nero is the epitome of a perfect marble pattern that blends white and black together to create pockets of light and corners of intricate soft greys.

Invisible Grey set is the embodiment of kintsugi, Japanese art form of fixing porcelain with gold leaf, enhancing its beauty and embracing the veins and cracks. This marble effect with soft warm greys and gold naturally complements each other.

From £93.34 Per m2 Inc. Vat
From £93.34 Per m2 Inc. Vat
£86.66 Per m2 Inc. Vat
From £93.34 Per m2 Inc. Vat
£86.66 Per m2 Inc. Vat
From £93.34 Per m2 Inc. Vat
£86.66 Per m2 Inc. Vat
From £93.34 Per m2 Inc. Vat
£86.66 Per m2 Inc. Vat
From £101.66 Per m2 Inc. Vat

Marmi Covelano

marmi arabesque

marmi sahara noir

marmi invisible grey

marmi bronze amani

marmi taj mahal

Application Floor, Wall
Thickness 6 & 10 mm
Rectification Yes
Surface Natural Matt
Application Interiors

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