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A series for the bold and adventurous who are looking for a statement décor that will reflect the modern industrial movement in interior design.

This collection offers exactly that and more as AVA Ceramica has produced a stunning three shade colour scheme that will broaden the senses and will provide the mood and nerve that is associated with the inspiring modern design.

Metal Blade has a cool graphite middle with green accents on the edges of the slabs, which will create a fantastic vertical highlight when laid side by side. Metal Corten has a copper style patina, with blue patches and cool copper textures, this style creates a rustic environment.

Metal Greige is an ideal candidate for living areas that want a bright yet ultramodern finish, cool green gray strokes throughout a neutral cream background.

Metal Pearl, the most neutral of the collection, has a soft beige background with hints of green and grey edges that will break up the formation nicely when side by side.

Metal blade

metal corten

metal greige

metal Pearl

Application Floor, Wall
Thickness 6 & 10 mm
Rectification Yes
Surface Natural Matt
Application Interiors & Exteriors

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