Speccio Carrara

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Classic marble never fades, it is a timeless staple that injects the fantastic atmosphere of luxury and majesty. Designed and created by Tubadzin, this monolith large format collection is truly outstanding in its harmony and composition.

The polished, satin white background is broken up with grand veins of subtle grey, intentional yet natural, the design is superb.

The book-match slabs are mirrored to allow exquisite arrangements that will be the feature of the surrounding walls and floors. With endless possibilities of layout, this collection offers bespoke and one of a kind design that will capture gaze and create awe.

specchio carrara

bookmatch slabs A+B

bookmatch slabs B+A

Application Floor, Wall
Thickness 6 & 10 mm
Rectification Yes
Surface Polished & Satin
Application Interiors

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