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Tin is the embodiment of luxury and urban living coming together to create something fantastic and awe-inspiring. Created by Tubadzin, Tin is rustic yet ultramodern and it harmoniously evokes both without needing to compromise. These large format porcelain stoneware are filled with details and intricacies that are impossible to notice all at once.

Unique in style and colour palette, Tin Graphite is a cool brown background with soft blue hues and grey highlights. The patina effect is subtle yet impactful. Tin Brown has a warm copper tone that is broken up by cream highlights and soft blue lowlights. Moody and atmospheric, this collection offers character that would be perfect for a bathroom setting.

From £125.00 Per m2 Inc. Vat
From £125.00 Per m2 Inc. Vat


tin brown

Application Floor, Wall
Thickness 6 mm
Rectification Yes
Surface Semi Gloss
Application Interiors

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