Home Saunas

Immerse yourself in an oasis of comfort at home with our range of bespoke sauna design and installation services

Custom designed saunas

We design, plan and build bespoke sauna rooms to your exact specifications, creating the wellness oasis of your dreams, right at your home.

Working with industry-leading sauna manufacturers, like Effe and Sauna360, we can offer the latest in sauna technology where  every element is crafted to cater to your comfort.

Choose from a variety of wood finishes, lighting options and seating arrangements to create a sauna that complements your style and elevates your home.
Whether you’re in Manchester, heshire or the surround areas, book a consultation with Alfa Tiles UK. 

Building your dream sauna experience

Our custom sauna builds go far beyond what an out-of-the-box solution can offer.

Much more than just a leisure facility, we believe that saunas should cater to the individual needs of each client to truly provide a place where the mind and body can relax and unwind.

Through our design consultation, we find out exactly what you want from your sauna and guide you through your options until we curate your perfect space.

We can build a sauna in any space, of any size and offer a range of premium features from leading sauna brands to truly encapsulate everything you want and need.

Luxury saunas, expertly installed

The installation of your home sauna has a profound impact on the finished product, and at Alfa Tiles UK we distinguish ourselves by our impeccable craftsmanship. Every home sauna we install is more than just a product, it’s a work of art.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of in-house sauna fitters ensure each project is fitted with exact precision and care, guaranteeing seamless integration into your home.

Heating systems

We can offer a range of traditional and infrared sauna heaters depending on your preferences.

Traditional sauna heaters utilise rocks to generate heat. Water can be poured over them to produce steam, creating the classic hot and humid sauna environment that we all know and love.

For a more gentle and even heat, infrared heaters emit radiant heat to directly warm you and the space without significantly heating the air.

Lighting & Sound

Sauna lighting and sound are key to creating the perfect ambience, and we can offer a range of different options to cater to your needs.

We can seamlessly integrate cutting-edge LED technology into the ceiling, concealed in the walls or under the bench to emit the perfect hue of light with colour-changing options to suit your mood or preferences.

Whether you wish to relax to soothing music or guided meditations, we can discreetly install speaker systems and Bluetooth connectivity to transform your home spa experience.


Elevate your spa retreat with the optional addition of an aromatherapy system to promote calm and relaxation.

We can offer aromatherapy dispensers or oil holders to release essential oils and fragrances, creating a holistic and truly personalised escape.

Choosing Alfa Tiles for your home sauna needs

We have a genuine passion for promoting health and wellness, creating highly specialist spaces that benefit our clients immensely.

Through our years of experience, we understand the dangers that poorly designed and fitted saunas can present and that’s why we never cut corners or compromise on quality. From start to finish, every project is managed by our in-house teams and all installations are completed using the highest quality, safety-approved products and materials on the market.

Whether you’re looking to integrate a multi-person sauna into your home wellness centre, or a 1-person sauna into a small space, we can bring your vision to life.

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