Luxury Italian Bathrooms

Encapsulate Italian-inspired luxury in your bathroom with our comprehensive supply, design and installation services.

Specialists in Italian bathroom design

Alfa Tiles UK specialises in crafting Italian-inspired bathroom spaces that exude opulence, sophistication and timeless beauty. Partners with leading Italian bathroom brands, we turn ordinary bathrooms into extraordinary sanctuaries using exclusive high-end Italian fixtures and fittings.

We work with clients across Manchester & Cheshire, offering an end-to-end design and installation service to create unique, visually stunning bathroom spaces.

Bringing your Italian-inspired bathroom to life

Artesi Dress Italian bathroom furniture

Italy has long been synonymous with luxury and exquisite craftsmanship, and our design team draws inspiration from the rich heritage of Italian art and design to curate completely bespoke masterpieces.

We recognise the importance of a bathroom that’s functional yet aesthetic, clean yet durable, and we’ve mastered the art of blending all of these elements together whilst infusing Italian luxury into every detail.

Whether it’s an en-suite or a family bathroom, we’ll design a bathroom that fits your preferences, lifestyle, and budget, and embodies the essence of Italian design. 

We can source a wide range of luxury tiles, fixtures and fittings, and high-end bathroom accessories that allow you to customise every fine detail from the ground up. From elegant marble to intricate mosaic patterns and designer fixtures, the timeless appeal of Italian design is encapsulated in every detail.

luxury Italian bathroom furniture by Artesi, Heritage collection
Segno Italian bathroom furniture by Cerasa

Producing the level of quality required for a truly Italian-inspired bathroom requires meticulous precision and attention to detail that only an experienced artisan can achieve. 

Our expert installation team has decades of experience in ensuring that all designs are implemented to complete perfection.

Italian bathroom fittings & accessories

Successfully embodying the elegance and luxury of Italy all comes down to the choice of products used. Italian bathroom designers are known for their mastery of materials, and we’ve carefully curated a range of high-end brands that offer the most exquisite, meticulously crafted pieces on the market.

We source furniture, fittings, tiles and everything in between from true artisanal Italian designers. Read more about a few of our selected brands below to get a taste of how your bathroom could be transformed.

Overall, we are proud to able to offer hundreds of quality ranges across 26 curated Italian brands in our portfolio. 


Acknowledged worldwide for being unwaveringly Italian, Gessi excels in manufacturing superior bathroom products designed with ergonomic excellence.

Well-established as a leading brand in the world of bathroom design, Gessi continually raises the bar in luxury bathroom products with a strong emphasis on sustainable practices and attention to design details.

Their diverse product range oozes elegance and sophistication. Their Italian-designed shower systems, faucets, bathtubs and accessories are more than functional fixtures; they are exquisite pieces of art.

Gessi Inciso collection of Italian bathroom taps

Glass Design

Creating unique and exclusive artistic glass products, Glass Design is a true Italian manufacturer bringing a perfect blend of craftsmanship and innovation.

Handmade in Italy, their expert artisans create stunning glass sinks, countertops and vanities that transform bathrooms all over the world into a work of art. Their pieces are as practical as they are beautiful, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of any bathroom.

glass bathroom sink by Italian manufacturer Glass Design


A USA manufacturer with a unique vision, Graff brings contemporary, trend-setting bathroom products synonymous with rich Italian design.

Combining old-world craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, Graff’s Italian-inspired bathroom products are of undisputable quality, ensuring lasting beauty and performance.

From modern free-standing bathtubs and basins to traditional taps and shower components inspired by Italian architecture, Graff’s elegant and innovative designs stand as a cornerstone in our selection of luxury offerings.

Graff Solar collection of Italian bathroom taps

NIC Design

Creating elegant and refined bathrooms one product at a time, NIC Design is an Italian brand with a rich history of bathroom innovation, known for pushing the boundaries of conventional design.

Made entirely in Italy, their collections of washbasins, bathtubs and vanities create elegant and refined bathrooms from minimalist and modern to classic and ornate. Innovators in Italian-inspired designs, their products push the boundaries of conventional design to create an exceptional space that perfectly meets both aesthetic and functional criteria.

NIC Design's Trama collection


Traditional Italian furniture that combines both quality and functionality, Artesi represents the epitome of Italian craftsmanship, innovation and excellence.

Their collection of 100% Made in Italy furniture pays attention to emerging trends, with a diverse product range that represents everything from classic and traditional to minimalistic and sophisticated, with materials ranging from real wood, through porcelain, to metal and natural stone.

Artesi Heritage bathroom collection

Choosing Alfa Tiles for your Italian bathroom design

When it comes to creating an Italian-inspired luxury bathroom, choosing the right design partner is crucial. Our team comprises designers and craftsmen who have a profound understanding of Italian design principles and our partnerships with leading Italian brands allow us to provide you with the best materials and products.

Truly encapsulating luxury Italian design starts at the consultation stage and ends when the installation is complete. We’ll manage your project in-house from start to finish, with a team of designers and installers who work closely to ensure the space exceeds your expectations.

We will work with you to inspire your imagination and bring your vision to life, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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