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Structural textures of this collection are the epitome of modern urban design, subtle yet exciting, they accentuate the space by creating a visual spectacle of grained pattern. Created by Tubadzin, there are two colour palettes, Persian Tale Blue and Persian Tale Gold.

Persian Tale Blue are a cool and neutral large format porcelain slabs, the blue hues are highlighted by cream and white markings that balance out the composition, and the hazelnut lowlights brings the design together.

Persian Tale Gold porcelain large format slabs are on the warmer side, this stoneware is a stunning harmony of gold, grey and hazelnut, complementing each other as they intricately gather in knots of patterns.

Ideal for bathrooms, floors and walls, as well as open space living and small spaces alike, this ultramodern industrial collection will brighten up the interiors, create exciting movement across the walls without making the space look smaller. Perfect pairing with metals and woods for that urban chic d├ęcor.

Persian tale blue

persian tale gold

Application Floor, Wall
Thickness 6 & 10mm
Rectification Yes
Surface Natural Matt
Application Interiors

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