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Invite the outdoors into your space and feel the harmony and balance it brings that brighten up the interiors with its warmth and tranquillity.

This collection of beautifully manufactured tiles pay homage to wooden accents while still retaining the slick versatility and practicality of porcelain stoneware.

Made by Tubadzin, this set comes in three shades, Mountain Ash Coral, Almond and Gold, ensuring that they integrate into any space that desires a touch of nature and delicacy.

Whether they are indoors or outdoors, this collection provides a sense of true craftsmanship when looking at the continuous wood grain pattern and the attention to details.With a soft fade across the tiles this set is far from dull or ordinary, it is the highest compliment to wooden slabs rather than a mere imitation.

ash coral

ash almond

ash gold

Application Floor, Wall
Thickness 10mm
Rectification Yes
Surface Natural Matt
Application Interiors

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