Brand – Cerasa

Immerse yourself in the world of Cerasa, where Italian design meets unparalleled quality to create bespoke furniture that is as unique as your personal style. Since 1983, Cerasa has been the epitome of high-end, family-led craftsmanship, offering exclusive collections like Honey, Des, Cartabianca, and Segno that are not just pieces of furniture, but masterpieces of art. Nestled in the heart of Treviso, Northern Italy, our 10,000 square metre production facility is a testament to their commitment to in-house production, ensuring that every piece they create is imbued with the essence of Italian sophistication.

From custom-made realizations and mirrors to our meticulous quality control and direct manual lacquering, Cerasa promise an array of unique furniture that stands the test of time.

With unlimited colors, easily repairable surfaces, and IP44 certified electrical systems, Cerasa is dedicated to perfection, offering precision assembly and environmentally conscious 100% recyclable packaging.


Cerasa remains a beacon of Italian design, meticulously handcrafting furniture that is as enduring as it is original. Their collections are a testament to quality and craftsmanship, echoing the sophistication of high-end tastes with a bold personality.
Cerasa pride themselves on the scrupulous selection of premium materials—from the rich textures of fabrics and leather to the natural beauty of solid wood and stone, and the innovative use of HPL, laminates, and resins, ensuring that every Cerasa creation enhances your space with luxury and comfort.

Experience the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship with Cerasa’s furniture—a harmony of quality, sustainability, and timeless Italian design.

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