Brand – VADO


VADO, a distinguished British manufacturer of bathroom brassware, specializes in high-quality taps, showers, accessories, and fittings. They are celebrated for their innovative and original designs, offering a distinctive collection that caters to individual styling preferences. 

Their product range, inspired by traditional British designs, epitomizes luxury and includes various collections like Individual, Booth & Co., and Axces. VADO’s offerings are perfect for those seeking to create a luxurious and stylish bathroom environment.

VADO offers a diverse range of collections and finishes, catering to various tastes and design needs. Their ‘Individual’ collection boasts bespoke finishes like brushed gold, brushed black, and brushed nickel, adding a touch of elegance to any bathroom. ‘Booth & Co.’ features classically inspired designs with a modern twist, perfect for those seeking a timeless look.

Additionally, the ‘Axces’ collection offers quality and style at an accessible price point. Each collection is designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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